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Topic: The Starlite Drive-In Theatre Project Part 1 - The Snack Bar
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Mr Milepost 12
Joined: Nov 9, 2008
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posted on Nov 10, 2010 08:35 AM:
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Well between waiting for things to dry and come in for the Bond Funeral Home build we are doing for Don Klose, we have another project going on. The Starlite Drive-In Theare Project is a build we are doing for a customer in Ohio. He has a centain footprint we have to work with and need to get all the major elements of a drive-in in it. Plus making it into a 1950's and 60's era Drive-In, we have to make it coorful and bright where it needs to be.

The following will be included in this build:
1. A Snack Bar
2. The drive-up ticket booth
3. A combination restroom building with projection booth cupola
4. A working Drive-In screen
5. A custom made animated roadside neon sign
6. Multi-colored corrugated perimeter fence
7. Speaker poles with speakers & wires
8. Color entrance road lighting (Unique to the old rt 46 Drive-In in Saddle Brook, NJ)
9. Floodlight Poles
10. Extra signage

the first part of the build is the Snack Bar. Based on the design of a couple of old North Jersey Drive-Ins, The building had to be eyecatching but subdued enough for a drive-in. It is a classic drive-in snack exterior in stucco and tile with green & orange diamond pattern banding. It features a full interior with snack counter . The counters has a cotton candy maching, popcorn machine, hot food warmer with light, candy display, punch machine and register.

The interior is lighted with three 5mm Hi-Bright White LEDs and the food warmer has a orange/red LED. The exterior has a band of pink "EL" lightrope "Neon" and the Snack Bar sign is made with "EL" Flat Panel on the rooftop. Take a look for urself......

The nezt part of this after I continue with parts of Bonds I need to get done will be The Drive-Up Ticket Booth. Hope you enjoy this project also, always feel free to ask questions if you have.. So enjoy



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