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Andrew Foster
Topics: 1   Replies: 2
posted on Jul 24, 2014:

Hello - I'm new here, so I'm still finding my way around and will start by introducing Gnome Miniature Engineering (http://gnomengineers.com/). This is a (very!) small business building riveted bridges for 0 and larger scales. We started out with the intention of building turntables, but a good friend said that what the 0 scale market really wanted was an operating bascule bridge. He was nearly right... The market talked about bascules, all right, but wasn't much interested in buying them. We still have some parts in stock and will assemble them if asked, but really, the plate girders and trusses are what most people want. Because they are hand built from many standard parts, they are easily customised, and almost everything is altered one way or another for the customer. We've had a few completely special projects, including a steel bridge to display a 7 1/4" gauge live steam engine, now in Istanbul, and some specials based on existing designs, such as a 25 ft long elevated viaduct for a large 0 gauge railway. Most bridges are in alumnium alloy with stainless hardware for outdoor use. The rivets are real, and the latest special has about 10,000 of them, which is why delivery can sometimes be a bit slow.

I find that a lot of people "borrow" the outlines from the website, and they are very welcome to do that. If you don't need a riveted metal structure and want to build your own, then there's no reason why you shouldn't base yours on something that appeals to you. It will surely cost less!

I'm always interested to hear comments and opinions on the GME bridges, as feedback makes for better products.
Riveted bridges
Richard E
Topics: 44   Replies: 18
posted on Jul 24, 2014:

On a warm summer day some passengers are waiting at the St.Paul depot for the afternoon train to Garfield.
Waiting for the train.
Topics: 16   Replies: 5
posted on Jul 18, 2014:

The lazy days of summer, time for some ou...
Topics: 4   Replies: 6
posted on Jul 14, 2014:

I have some specific buildings that I would like to construct out of foam core. I would like to print the buildings first, then glue to foamcore. What programs do you use to mock up the structure? I have corel draw, even thought of using powerpoint. Opinions?
custom cardstock buildings
Topics: 3   Replies: 10
posted on Jul 5, 2014:

this is made from foam board from a picture of one on the internet.
Grain elevator
Topics: 21   Replies: 48
posted on Jul 4, 2014:

Nothing to do but wait.
Richard E
Topics: 44   Replies: 18
posted on Jun 27, 2014:

An eastbound manifest freight has slowed to pickup train orders at St. Paul while a westbound coal drag waits in the siding blocking the Allegheny Street crossing.
Meet at St. Paul

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