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To obtain additional information, and/or to order a bridge from me, please go to the following website, or click on the "My Website" link that appears on the upper right hand side of this page:

This photo, by the way, which was taken by me on a recent trip to the area, is of a fantastic stone arch bridge located in eastern Ohio, Bellaire, Ohio, just before it crosses over the Ohio River, into West Virginia. It was featured in the movie, "Unstoppable", the one about the runaway train, not the other one that bears the same name.
Please note my new website address
Topics: 41   Replies: 45
posted on Aug 25, 2015:

This bridge also appeared at the recent 2015 Greenberg Train Show in Chantilly, VA, and will likely be at the upcoming Fall York.
Look for it at JT's MegaSteam Smoke Fluid display.
This bridge was designed to favor an actual bridge over the Connecticut River crossing from Vermont into New Hampshire, in Bellows Falls, VT.

It is about 7 feet long, and consists of two bridges, and three foam bases. It is a hollow wood core, with stonework attached, wood deck.

The following is a photo of the real bridge, not my photo:

I realize that this bridge is likely much longer and altogether larger than you might want on your layout, but if you would like to discuss another, or obtain a quote for a bridge from me, simply email me and we can talk.
Bellows Falls, VT stone arch bridge (my v...

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