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Richard E
Topics: 47   Replies: 18
posted on Oct 31, 2014:

"That V8 coupe would look great in our garage." He wants the coupe, she wants the station wagon.

I was not going to enter a photograph this month, but I didn't want to see an empty slot and I do not want to see this feature dropped for lack of interest. Grab your cameras, take some pictures and submit them.
Looking for a new car
Topics: 30   Replies: 13
posted on Oct 14, 2014:

The last couple of years I have been making model buildings for a future O-scale train layout.
For the most part, I haven't been finishing the inside of these buildings and have the windows frosted over.
My reasoning for this is that the train tracks will be mostly at the front of the layout and the buildings will be set farther back where it isn't easy to see inside them.
This also makes each building cheaper to build so I can afford to make more buildings.

Packed away in my train stuff, I have some O-scale lathes, mills, grinders, drill presses and other machine shop equipment.
So I'm going to build a machine shop and have the doors open and the windows clear so the interior shows.
This machine shop will be mounted somewhere at the front of the layout so it will be easy to see inside it.

I want something a little different from the normal square cornered building so this one is going to have the office area come off at an angle from the front of the building.
I'll mount it an area where the track curves away from the road so the side of the building will be parallel with the tracks and the office will be square with the road.

Here is the main structure for the machine shop.

The main part of the building will have a round roof on it.
A piece of paneling is glued to the supports to form the shape of the roof section.

Here is how it looks when set in place on the building.

The roof section over the crane area is done in corrugated metal and the rest of the roof is done in tar and membrane roofing.
With an old building like this it has had several roof repairs over the years.
The loading dock if finished with a poured concrete base and a painted platform.

The office extends out from the corner.

These are the parts for the concrete base on the I-beam support.
The square blocks are cut out so the upright I-beam support post can fit into them.
The square blocks will fit into the oval base ( one of the holes has been cut out for the block ).

The upright I-beam support is built.
With the support in place on the concrete pad outside the big door, the end of the I-beam for the hoist is fastened to the support.
Extra bracing is added to the top of the I-beam.

The two sliding doors for this opening have been notched out at the top so they fit around the I-beam when they are closed.

Making the parts for the chain hoist.

The parts are then fit together.

The chain hoist is all painted and mounted.

Here is the finished building.

O-scale welding and machine shop
Topics: 7   Replies: 32
posted on Oct 7, 2014:

well it has been awhile since I posted on here figured I would update my layout. a lot has changed even the track plan has had some changes some to clean things up and make some stuff easier to build and I have bought a lot of rolling stock lately so I needed the room for the rolling stock . so I added a under layout yard. and a few sidings a transfer table and a lot more I guess the photos should do the talking

layout update
Topics: 7   Replies: 32
posted on Oct 6, 2014:

here's my transfer table controlled via DCS

MY transfer table
Topics: 42   Replies: 61
posted on Sep 28, 2014:

Adding some details to the box.
Wooden box
Richard E
Topics: 47   Replies: 18
posted on Sep 26, 2014:

The Eastbound Colombian is leaving Garfield station and soon train No.38, a doodlebug and a baggage car, will head up the Kessler branch bringing mail, express and passengers to the coal mining towns along the way.
Train No 38
Richard E
Topics: 47   Replies: 18
posted on Aug 25, 2014:

Nothing to do on a summer afternoon but watch trains.

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