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J&C Studios Privacy Policy

J&C Studios is committed to keeping the privacy of our users protected. This includes any and all information that is collected from members, as well as the guests who visit these pages.


J&C Studios needs to collect certain information in order to register users as members of the J&C Studios site. This is usually limited to just a user name (which the member chooses at registration time), and an email address which is used to send the password to the member. J&C Studios also collects a variety of other information including members' website urls, votes cast for Photo Polls, etc., and of course the content that members post on the various forums and blogs.

Member email addresses are kept strictly confidential and are not shared with any other party. Other information - especially prose, photos, and other content that is posted in the form of topics and responses to topics, are not shared or republished on other sites in any automatic, routine, or official way. Occasionally guests (or members) may copy this content and post it elsewhere, but J&C Studios cannot be held responsible for this practice.


Cookies are used by J&C Studios for two primary things:

  1. To keep track of user sessions. This is vital in order for J&C Studios to remember where you are in the pages, what information you have provided, and to keep individual members' blogs in the control of each individual member, etc.

  2. Cookies are also used to remember passwords when the "Remember me and log me in automatically" option is checked during the login process.
The cookies J&C Studios uses are encrypted, so no other party will be able to view the information that J&C Studios stores in them.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at   john@jcstudiosinc.com


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