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"There will be some changes made!"
by member Balto&NY

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Most-Recent O Gauge Topics:

Topics: 17   Replies: 5
posted on Dec 18, 2016:

Night crew goes to work in the diesel shop
Topics: 6   Replies: 9
posted on Dec 3, 2016:

MWRR Town Progress 2016
Topics: 6   Replies: 9
posted on Nov 29, 2016:

Slowly but surely making some progress on the town.
MWRR Town Progress 2016
Topics: 1   Replies: 0
posted on Nov 19, 2016:

This is my drop-in module of a river gorge for the On30 logging line on the AGHR club. First effort. Overdid the rapids, I'm afraid. The kayaker going over the falls is modeled after a shot I found on the Internet.
River Gorge
Topics: 60   Replies: 77
posted on Nov 15, 2016:

A B&O Class A-3 Atlantic with its passenger local in the 1950s, drifts along the eastbound main line as it approaches the Edgewater Yard Limit and passenger station on the Baltimore & New York Railway.
Accelerating on its way west, is a new B&O RDC "Speedliner."
It will be replacing the aging 4-4-2 in that time slot.
Yes, changes will soon be made! Such it was back then.

There will be some changes made!
Topics: 60   Replies: 77
posted on Oct 19, 2016:

A late afternoon thunder storm is about to break over Rossiter Junction on the Baltimore & New York Railway. Now if the station agent would just get those platform lights turned on!

A Storm is Brewing!
Topics: 60   Replies: 77
posted on Sep 28, 2016:

That was a name sometimes used for the powered wreck (or 'relief' on the B&O) cranes that were kept ready at all times. Sometimes a "big hook" was used to handle smaller jobs when it was available. Here, B&O X-51 (modeled from an MTH crane)assists a shop crew working on a pair of passenger car trucks.
The Big Hook

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