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posted on Nov 4, 2017:

A Plasticville depot got a new life when modified to become this small, suburban stop on the Baltimore & New York. The bottoms of the four sides were cut away and added to their tops. Strip styrene was used to make the rafters. Plastic brick siding was added and one window on the street side was shortened for a 'restroom.' A few extra details like a Majestic coal chute door on this side and a cellar door in the walk on the right side hint at a coal burning furnace for heat. Some paint and weathering finished the job.
Suburban Station
Topics: 65   Replies: 101
posted on Oct 12, 2017:

I have seen several examples among the photos shared here. All show fine concepts and great modeling.
Here is a current project I have on the bench. Not many modelers chew into imported brass models to turn them into something else, but it has been done before.

The case here is a 1960's imported brass model by Gem, of an 1880's Illinois Central Forney loco used in Chicago area commuter work until electrification in 1925. It is being transformed into an 1890's era Forney for Staten Island Rapid Transit service, also electrified in 1925.

Here is the subject as received. It wears a thick coat of brass colored paint, had several loose parts and unable to run. The perfect candidate for shop time!

Making This From That
Topics: 65   Replies: 101
posted on Jul 29, 2017:

OK, so its not a train. But there is a line in the movie about driving that rig as if it was a train!
The New Moon trailer was scratch built in styrene. No '53 Merc Sun Valley was available so I had to use a '54. It carries the correct California tag number, as does the trailer. The rig has just crossed the Baltimore & New York main line on State Highway 5, rolling along to another adventure.

"Think of it as a train - 40' of train!"
Richard E
Topics: 67   Replies: 28
posted on Jul 7, 2017:

An Ontario & Western coal drag passes St Paul depot while passengers are waiting for the next train to the city
The FTs are custom painted Lionel units.

Let's see your photos
Richard E
Topics: 67   Replies: 28
posted on Jun 4, 2017:

As a fun project I kitbashed a Williams 44-ton locomotive to a near copy of a Niagara Junction, General Electric E-10. I added a pantograph, removed the exhaust stacks, changed the truck sideframes to AAR switcher type and made the decals.
The Niagara Junction Ry was an electrified switching railroad that serviced the chemical companies along the Niagara River in Niagara Falls NY. It was owned jointly by the Erie Lackawanna and Lehigh Valley, and became part of Conrail in 1976. It dieselized in 1978.
Electric Train
Topics: 65   Replies: 101
posted on Jun 1, 2017:

This odd class designation came in the 1920s, when B&O rebuilt its Class A-3 Atlantics built by Baldwin in 1910. They were given super-heaters and smaller, 74" diameter drivers. This enabled them to better handle new, all steel and much heavier passenger cars.
This model was built from an All Nation kit in the 1970s, modeling the prototype look of the late 1930s.
It has a synchronized sound system and a constant brightness headlight.
B&O Class A-3a74
Jack Hess
Topics: 6   Replies: 1
posted on May 30, 2017:

I wanted to find a way to combine sci-fi and railroads. #340876 was my first effort. The giant stick-on decal was made at Kinkos for a whopping $16!. I then bought a refurbished color laser printer and made the lettering for the other two. All cars are painted gloss white with silver as a secondary color.

Star Trek Covered Hoppers

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