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Placing Signatures With Links to the J&C Studios Archive on Other Sites and Email

Help us get the word out!

Help us reach more hobbyists to make them aware of this great library of O Gauge content, grow our membership, and expand the archive! If you are a member of any other forums, discussion boards, user groups, or blogs, you can place a "signature" in your profile on those sites that will publicize the J&C Studios Archive. This signature appears at the bottom of every post you make on those web sites, and it's one of the best ways you can help us raise awareness, attract more members and guests, and gather more great content to share with other hobbyists.

Adding A Signature To Your Profile On The OGR Forum

  1. Go to the OGR Forum. In the upper-left corner (but below the ads), there is a tab called "Go". Click it, and then select "Personal Zone", and then "Profile".
  2. Now that you're looking at your profile, in the upper-right area you'll see a link called "View/Edit Complete Profile". Click it. This shows the indicative info. you have entered.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of this indicative information. Just below where you can add/alter your avatar (photo of yourself), there is a text box for "Signature".
  4. Place the following text in there (it's best to copy & paste this):