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Topic: Union Station Model: Interesting Facts
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Joined: May 14, 2008
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posted on Sep 24, 2008 03:46 PM:
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- The front of the West Wing is 3 scale feet closer to the street than that of the East Wing.

- The two clocks keep accurate time - the outside is on Eastern Standard; the inside is Pacific.

- The barrel ceilings over the three front entrances to the main hall are made of PVC pipe.

- There are 24 columns, and 20 statues in and outside the station.

- The two "ears" on top of each of the pillasters on the connecting halls are shirt buttons, with the holes puttied in.

- There are 15 arch-portals, 26 palladian windows, and 72 keystoned "eyebrows", throughout the complex.

- No adhesive of any kind touches any part of the clear plastic film used for the glass canopy roofs. The engineered parts enable the film to be held in place without it.

- The 24 white platform lights along each track gully actually blink (dim to bright) when a train is on the block. They remain on (dimmed) at all other times. This is modeled after the Washington DC Metro subway stations.

- I would earn over $200,000 per year if I could lease the space of this train station at typical downtown prices (even at 1/48 the rent).

See the intro article on the O-Scale Washington Union Station Model.


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