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Topic: Lionel 675 K4 Facelift
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Hugh Laubis
Joined: Nov 6, 2011
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posted on Jan 26, 2012 09:08 PM:
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This is what I bought for $65 at a local train show. Once again, I was interested because it was all there. E-unit and whistle both acted 'fixable' on the test track at the show.

All apart and ready to clean, repair and get ready to trim out.

Here are enhancements I like to make on these types of rehab projects. First I convert the smoke unit to fluid from the pill, second, I like to add a fire box light and finally wrapped in red electrical tape are a bunch of diodes which boost voltage to the smoke unit.(A DaleH enhancement)

Here you see where I took some stock engine wire trim and used it to add grab irons to the tender. I had some steps in my junk box and added them as well. Front are diesel steps and rear are for the bigger Lionel tenders. Tender coal pile is masked and tender is ready for paint.

In order to allow the trucks to swivel I had to relocate them on the tender base. Easy fix, I had to make new mounting holes for the trucks. I also added a brake tank out of my junk box to bottom of tender. Hokey? perhaps.

If you look carefully through the whistle hole on the frame, you will see an electronic board. It is an MTH whistle rescued out of an early steamer which I had converted to PS2. The Lionel whistle went into my junk repair parts box.

Tender painted. I also had lengthen the draw bar because of the relocation of the trucks. I made one out of two. I had one extra also in my junk box.

Cab Detail. I made an engineer panel out of a flat piece of plastic with some writing on it. Made a cardboard pattern first. Then added a seat and two figures. Left them unglued until after paint job.

Engine Paint. Used cheap available paint and then after lettering, covered with testors dullcoat.

Lettered and operational, looks great I think.

On the layout it matches well with other PW equipment. I also own another 'one of a kind'

Thats all folks!


Joined: May 14, 2008
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posted on Jan 27, 2012 07:02 AM:
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Wow! What a turn-around!


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