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(Guest)    J&C Studios O Gauge Archive    sammonsrr    Train Room Remodel Project 2012
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Topic: Train Room Remodel Project 2012
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Joined: Sep 14, 2012
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posted on Oct 2, 2012 11:32 AM:
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Our old layout covered a 40'x12' area and had over 400' of gargraves track and a lot of Ross Switches. Most of the curves on the track where between 072 and 088. There were three main loops, a large classification yard, diesel maintenance yard and 36" round table for those Big Boy's and Challenger stream engines. You can see the MTH Big Boy rolling down the elevated track on the right side of the picture with a trailer freight load.

Plan the work, work the plan.
Before we started The REMODEL we designed the new layout using track software and outlined the basic steps needed to get the trains rolling again.
The REMODEL was planned to take three weekends.

The New Remodel Goal

in this photo we painted the table tops to help with landscape later.

The First Weekend - Demolition

The first weekend -Before demolition could start we had to relocate allot of boxes that had been stored under the tables for YEARs (we didn't really realize how much rolling freight, engines and accessories we really had under there) The work took a full day to pack up and with help we where able to stay on schedule.

The Second Weekend - Rebuild

The Second weekend - Slowly the room is taking shape.
The tables on the right side of the room are taking shape in this photo.
The table framing we used was a basic box type frame using 2x4's, 5/8 plywood and screws. This table design fit our layout design.
All the tables were leveled using tool room standards and can support a 200 lbs. adult. Without moving.

The Second weekend -All the tables have been build in this photo (but not fastened to the frame we have to paint them first).

The blue sky was extended up the wall to the ceiling. Clouds will be added a later point.

In the final design mountains will sit in both the right & left far corners, the big hole on the right in the table is for the round table and classification yard. The left side of the room will have manufacturing and passenger terminal.

Our next work day will include painting the table tops a dirt brown color. We are adding lessons learned from the previous layout, this step will make landscaping easier.

The Third Weekend - (laying Track)

Here you can see teh tables have been painted a dirt brown color. We are adding lessons learned from the previous layout, this step will make landscaping easier.

we started laying track and have alot more to go.

11-3-12 update:
We have finished laying all track (will update picture)
we have been building tables for the transformer stations and working on wiring under the table.



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posted on Oct 2, 2012 04:59 PM:
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WOW that is one big overhaul. It looks nice and you have a great track plan. It would be nice to have that amount of space to work with. What is the smaller loop in the corner. Thanks for sharing and keep posting updates. Nick


Joined: Sep 14, 2012
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posted on Oct 3, 2012 09:16 AM:
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Your right it is nice to have this much space, it opens up allot of possibilities. The smaller loop off to the front will be a city line, something small for the kids to run. The concept drawing doesnâ??t show the elevated trolley line that will run through the entire layout.
Thanks for the reply.


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