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Joined: Apr 4, 2011
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posted on Apr 17, 2011 10:44 AM:
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The windows and doors have all been installed.
My wife had a box that a shirt came in that has a pebble pattern embossed on it.
I cut strips from it, painted them gray and glued them on for the foundation.
1/8x.03 strips of white styrene are glued on top of the foundation strips.

The roof sections are painted flat black.
The edges are trimmed with pieces of Dollhouse baseboard molding.

Constructing the front steps from sections of wood and and formed stairs from Plastruct.
The wood will be coated with spackling putty to make it look like concrete.

The roof for the front porch is glued together and the four support post are glued on.

Here is the finished front entry.
I'm going to put stair railings on but have not decided just what they are going to be made out of yet.

I'm using the cap off this small paint can for the water tank that goes on the roof.


The roof for the tank is being turned out of a piece of wood.

Here's how they look mated together.

Adding the support legs to the tank.
I glued a piece of wood to the inside of the bottom of the tank so the legs have a more solid mount than just the thin wall of the plastic paint cap.

The bottom of the legs are mounted to a base and the center water pipe and the bracing for the legs are put on.

Here is the finished water tank.

I got a smoke stack off ebay and mounted it and the water tank on the roof of the factory.



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