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Joined: Apr 4, 2011
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posted on Apr 17, 2011 10:43 AM:
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I'm working on building the elevator and the rear loading dock and I've started on the I-beams that support the elevator shaft.

The back of the elevator is part of a plastic door off a box car.
It is suppose to represent a door that would slide up for access into the factory from the elevator.

The loading dock is covered with a thin layer of spackling putty.
When it's dry, this will be sanded smooth so it looks like concrete.

Here is the finished loading dock installed.
The elevator and the sliding door are also mounted in place.
The stairs for the loading dock are from Plastruct.

I got a kit off ebay to build some roof vents, dust collectors and squirrel cage exhaust fans.
Some of the vents are mounted on the roof and the dust collector is mounted on the back wall of the factory.
The small brick building on the roof is for the elevator machinery.

Here I'm making up some ducting for one of the exhaust fans.

The squirrel cage exhaust fans did not come with a drive motor so I'm making an electric motor out of wood.

Here's how it looks on the fan unit.

The duct pipes are all glued together.

The finished exhaust vent system on the roof.



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