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Topic: Factory-4
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Joined: Apr 4, 2011
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posted on Apr 17, 2011 10:39 AM:
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To finish of the rear loading dock, I built a overhanging roof for it.
It is supported by steel beams and by bracing rods that are bolted to the side of the factory.

A concrete loading dock and two sliding doors are added to the side of the factory.

A overhanging roof covers one of the sliding doors.

The other sliding door is going to have a bridge crane mounted over it.
The beam for the bridge crane is made out of a wood I-beam.
It is glued into a potmetal piece that I found in my junk drawer.
This end will mount to the side of the factory.

This is the start of the support for the other end of the beam.

The beam is mounted on the end support and I'm starting to add structural supports.

The base has two holes drilled for locator pins on the support base and the side wall has a hole for a locator pin on the beam.

The potmetal piece already has a locator pin on it and I put two dowel pins in the base.
This way, the bridge crane is held in place by the locator pins and doesn't have to be glued down.

This crane will be over the rail siding.
I still have to make the crane hoist itself.
Here's the finished bridge crane boom mounted in place.

Starting to build the chain hoist for the boom crane. The hoist is going to be made out of wood.
These are the carriage plates that will hold the hoist.

Making the hoist itself. It has two plastic wheels that the chain rides on.

I turned down a pulley out of brass started laying out the side panels for the hook.

This is the finished hook.

The hoist is all finished and mounted on the boom.
The black tube on the end of the hoist is for holding the extra chain.
There is an electrical conduit running along the top of the boom and a flexible electric cable going to the motor on the hoist.
This allows the hoist to travel along the boom and the electrical cable swings with it.
The controls for operating the hoist would be inside the building.



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