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Topic: Union Station Construction: East Hall Interior and Floor
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Joined: May 14, 2008
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posted on Sep 5, 2009 01:05 PM:
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I finally made a little more progress lately on this endeavor. For starters, I made two more architectural "bridges" with the Roman centurions:

The wooden toy wheels are found at craft stores (A.C. Moore in this case). These serve as simple bases and crowns for the columns, which are just dowels.

I had already installed the laser-cut pieces for the interior facades, so the last part to do for the East Hall under the canopy was the floor.

Like all my floors, this is simple matteboard cut to shape, with self-adhesive white label sheet printed with the marble tile pattern affixed.

You know that old saying, "measure twice, cut once"? Well it's a terrible lie! Measure twenty times, and cut once! This poor decision cost me having to get my straight edge in there and do dangerous surgery on my freshly-glued floor.

But all was finally well after that, and here's a shot showing the finished East wing. Actually, this isn't even the whole wing - just the connecting hallway between the main building and the East Hall. Which is what I plan to tackle next.

And here it is with the roof and canopy back in place.

It's amazing what a finished floor does to any space - model or prototype. I remember watching our house being built, and thinking how small the rooms looked until the flooring was installed. This new floor really makes the east wing look like a more expansive space now, especially looking into the station from the outside at night, with the interior lights on.

I have plans for nice furnishings, but they are a ways off. One of these two connecting halls will have a large ticketing complex in it, and the other will likely be a restaurant.

More to come...


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