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Topic: Plug Run
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posted on Dec 12, 2012 05:25 PM:
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An ancient Susquehanna & Chesapeake 4-6-0 has a borrowed wood-bodied coach in tow as it rolls on to Edgewater on the Baltimore & New York. It came off the rural branch from Endsville and a junction with the S&C. Plug runs making every stop were a way for small, isolated communities to reach larger cities. Buses eventually took over that traffic. When more people began driving their cars, the bus service gave up too.

The locomotive is an AHM "Casey Jones" from the 1970s, updated with an All Nation pilot, Precision Scale headlight and removal of the cab roof clerestory. It was repowered with a coreless motor and given more weight inside the boiler. It could haul 5 freight cars up a curving, 3% grade. Much better than the original AHM motor!

The Staten Island Rapid Transit coach is a modified MTH wood-sided car. It models one of 50 such cars B&O sent to Staten Island in the early 1920s to help handle growing commuter traffic until the SIRT was electrified in 1925.

The prototype car for this model was one of three Coal & Coke Railway of West Virginia coaches built by Pullman in 1912. They were the newest of the 50 B&O cars. B&O absorbed the Coal & Coke shortly after WW I.


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