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posted on Mar 20, 2017:

Marie and I were married in 1967 in northern Michigan and moved to Kalamazoo for our first winter together.
Then we moved back to northern Michigan and we lived in four different houses while we were in Michigan.
We moved to the southern part of Florida in 1973, just before the energy crunch hit and it got to be really tough going down there.
From there, I was able to get a job in northern Indiana where we lived in four different houses again.
In 2000, we moved back to northern Michigan and lived in three different houses.
In 2015 we moved to southern Indiana where we built our last home and we moved into it at the end of January, 2017.

A long time ago, I bought a used " U-Haul " box truck that we used for moving and for storage and whenever we made a move, I would pack up what I had built for my model trains and a lot of these boxes ended up just being stored in the truck over the years.
Now that we are finally in our last house, I've started unpacking the truck and have found items that I haven't seen for a life time and wanted to share some of them with you.

I used newspapers to pack my things with and the oldest one that I've come across so far is from 1971.

This [BLEEP]ry store is the first model of a building that I made way back in the early 70's.

This coal tower was also built in the 70's or maybe early 80's ( it was easy to remember when I built the store because it was my first building, the rest of these aren't as easy to date because I've built a lot of things over the last 50 years ).

Saw mill

Still packed in a box somewhere is a model truck with logs on the back that sits here beside the saw mill for unloading up onto the saw carriage.

You can see a conveyor belt coming out from under the back of the shed that carries the sawdust away from under the saw blade.
I have a portable elevator that sits at the end of this belt and a dump truck that sits under the elevator so the sawdust is dumped into the bed of the truck ( these are in a box somewhere also ).
There is a well with a flat square cover on it with a pipe going up into the building for water for the boiler.

The inside of the shed has the steam boiler for running the saw blade and carriage with pieces of wood stacked in the corner for the boiler.
There is a work bench with some tools on it against the wall.

I built a MOW train with this steam powered crane.
The boiler is made out of the firebox from an old AHM " Casey Jones " plastic locomotive model and the water tank around the boiler is the back part of a AHM 0-8-0 locomotive kit.

The crane can rotate 90 degrees to either side.

This is the " Tool Shed " for the work train.
it has a big water tank on one end and a office shed at the other end.

The workbench is along one side with tools hanging up on the wall.
There is a gas can on the floor to one side of it and a scrap barrel on the other side.

Along the other side, there is a torch and spare cylinders, with a two-man saw hanging above it.
Some cans and a barrel and an anvil with a ladder hanging on the wall.


Finally unpacking my trains
Jack Hess
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posted on Mar 19, 2017:

This reefer caboose started as an Atlas 36' trussrod reefer. I built the trussrod underframe from some of the Atlas underframe parts. Doors and windows are Tichey Train Group. A few details such as globe vent and stove stack were added. The side door steps were built from styrene strips. Decals were made by Rail Graphics. See more at <a href="http://www.fantasytrains.net/tithi/articles.htm">Check out my articles page</a>
Converted Reefer Caboose
Jack Hess
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posted on Mar 12, 2017:

Here are the cars and loco for my passenger train. #23 and #24 are built on RailKing Overton Coaches. #25 is built from two MTH wood cabooses. #26 will be built from an Overton chassis and an MTH 64' clerestory roof combine body. The loco is a RailKing General which will have a tender the correct size and a slightly smaller cab. The color scheme is meant to be plain but elegant. The unconventional lettering is due to that I didn't have the correct lettering style.
Passenger Train
Jack Hess
Topics: 4   Replies: 0
posted on Mar 10, 2017:

I wanted a generator car that had a lot of odd details. The chassis is from an Atlas boxcar, the body is made from two K-Line FA bodies with cabs removed and then glued together. The sides doors are Evergreen scribed siding and then I just started adding stuff: exhaust stacks, roofwalks, and end ladder, etc.
Generator Car
Jack Hess
Topics: 4   Replies: 0
posted on Mar 7, 2017:

Here are the first three cabooses for my Titanya and Highlands Railway. #12 is a repainted RailKing center cupola caboose, #13 is a Lionel Wood Caboose and #14 is an MTH steel offset cupola caboose painted per Santa Fe practices with a vintage Titanya Railway name.
3 Cabooses
Richard E
Topics: 64   Replies: 25
posted on Mar 5, 2017:

Traffic is heavy and this is a favorite spot for railfans. A manifest freight just emerged from Cattaragus Tunnel with a C&O RSD-15 and a B&O SD-9
A B&O/C&O freight
Richard E
Topics: 64   Replies: 25
posted on Feb 11, 2017:

A load of gasoline heading for the local Hess retailer.

The semi-tanker is a custom painted 1/48 1948 Diamond-T from Ertl
Gasoline Delivery

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