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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?

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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?
(Guest)   JCS Archive   Mr Milepost 12   Wildwood Harbor "Shore" Tower
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Wildwood Harbor "Shore" Tower
Mr Milepost 12
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posted Nov 13, 2010: 

Wildwood Harbor tower was an interesting build for Don Klose's layout. It is based on the former PRR "Shore" tower on the PRR Main (NEC) at Frankfort Jct. This is the point where the main connected the PRR with South Jersey and to point like Atlantic City, Ocean City Wildwood and Cape May. So needless to say the root of the tower for Wildwood are justified.

For a breif history on the tower from the time it was built to today, please go to the following link at the Signalbox:

On the version for Don's layout. The tower was to be from controlling traffic from Wildwood Harbor to the Main Line (A lot like the prototype). and the drawbridge (Which the PRR in Wildwood actual had to at Angelsea)

The board is based on the pneumatic interlocking. and it has steady and flashing LEDs on the board to give it effect.

All the details that are on the original tower we captured by casting our own in Hydrocal.

The long staircase and the utility platform were also included in the build.

Because the tower was built on the side of the rasied tracks of the NEC. The street side looks so much higher as it should.

At night the tower has a subdude but active look to it. and included are 2 custom electrical cabinets for the east and west sides of the drawbridge.

I hope you like this interesting build. I will also post the Wildwood Harbor Maintence building in the future and also the Schenectady Center City Tower based on another prototype tower.

Enjoy Mark
Frankford Junction
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posted Feb 4, 2013: 

This is a fantastic piece. I grew up not ten minutes from the Shore tower and spent much of my youth at Frankford Junction watching the trains on the mainline take the sweeping curve northbound on the NEC and the PRR-Reading Seashore Lines trains to the shore. I'm just starting on a layout and I'd love to have something such as this that brings back such fond memories. Thanks for showing this.

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