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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?
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Layout update
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posted Oct 31, 2010: 

It has been a wile since I posted an update on my layouts. Progress has been slow as I have been traveling a lot for work, but I have been working on some things.

While I had previously laced the gas station on the layout, it had no real action going on.

I added some additional figures and autos to try to make it a bit more like a normal day. The tow truck is parked at the left of the garage door ready for a call.

The hot rod gets a few adjustments to dial it in before going of to the big race tonight, and Bob rolls out a freshly patched tire.

All this service, and gas is still 25 cents a gallon! In the background a NYC refrigerated car makes a delivery of fresh good to the Kroger grocery store.

Across from the gas station, and next to the small train station is a small park. Previously I added a WWII monument, and the small bandstand, but always wanted some sort of playground or swings. I just added a K line animated playground.

While I liked the playground, I really didn't like how it was so high off the ground so to speak, so I sunk it in to the layout by cutting out the homosote band to let it sink in.

I built up a small 'box' out of strip wood and painted to resemble a rail tie. Then I covered with sand to try to cover the plastic green color. I also added some foot paths to and from the bandstand and the monument to make the park tie together.

A view looking up main street

A view looking down main street

I wanted the animation to run only for a short time rather than all the time, or a hard turn on turn off. To do that I build a small timer circuit with a 555 timer and a relay that can be activated by either this switch in the facial of the layout in front of it, or via an accessory position on my DCS system. A momentary closure will start the timer and the playground will run for about 1.5 minutes.

In another area on the layout I have been starting an elevated area or 'mountain top' amusement park. I really wanted to create a small park with animated rides, a small train, and an old west town kind of like a park I went to as a kid in upstate NY Storytown in Lake George NY. The amusement par will overlook a small city block below that I have started to set the buildings in place around an access pop up.

Here is another view, the mountain will have two tracks running under it with tunnel portal to be added. Cars will find access via the roughed in road. Still lots of work left to do.

At the core of the amusement park is a small controller I built to cycle the rides on an off as well as the train. Again this is made of relays and 555 timer chips. I have been using a modified PC power supply to run these circuits and some lights as well, a great supply for this purpose, and cost effective.

I still have lots to do, but making some progress. Feed back and suggestions welcome.
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posted Feb 9, 2014: 

Rich this is such a great overview of what you've done. I'd love to see some of these split out in to separate topics. My own personal favorite would be the amusement park controller board, that looks super-cool!


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