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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?

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What is the J&C Studios O Gauge Archive?
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My First Sky Scraper
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posted Nov 26, 2013: 

I wanted to say thanks to you all for the ideas on how to do this and for the excellent step by step instructions some of you posted. This is a sky scraper I made out of plexi glass,ChartPak Chart Tape 1/4, electrical tape, and poster board backing. I still need to finish the top and do some touch up work. The first round was tough because I cannot cut a straight line. Also I had to use plexi glass due to budget constraints. I ran out of ChartPk for the last panel so I had to cut electrical tape in strips. I did learn a lot and I do hope my nephew will like it. Rigging up some lights for it on the outside. I made the first one opaque as a test run. Also I found a good deal on some solar outdoor lights 2 for 3.00. I took them apart and will try to rewire them so the building has solar power lights. The nephews train set is in a room with daylight so it should work. Just need to rig up a switch so he can turn them off. Outdoor lights, 1 apart, are in the last pic. Man this project was fun!

Sorry all the shots are from the kitchen! I am getting ready to move into our first home. The home has room for a work shop. So my wife will no longer be annoyed by all the model train structure supplies in the spare room!

So I was able to complete it. I cleaned up the edges and used far to much electrical tape. I could not find my screen for taking photos so I had to use paper towels. I was able to get the solar lights to work. The Nephew loved it. Now he put in an order for a building that could be a mall! I fear there could be no end to this!

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posted Nov 26, 2013: 

wayman this is really cool. I applaud the innovative use of materials, and I appreciate the manual labor involved. I am also very interested in a follow-up report of the solar panels, that is a great idea. Are you going to use them to light up some marker lights on the top? You mentioned that it's opaque, so I assume interior lighting is not an option... ?

Good stuff. Your nephew is one lucky kid to have an uncle going these lengths for him!


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